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‘Russian Popeye’ with Artificially Pumped up Arms has Left Fans Worried

Do you remember the famous 90s cartoon show Popeye The Sailor on Cartoon Network? The attitude is famous for her biceps bulging indifference, her stamina, and her obsession with money. In Russia, Kirill Tereshin, whose name is Ruki Bazuki on social media, wanted to look like Popeye and therefore, at the age of 20, he raised his hands. Bazuki, 25, who is an MMA fighter by profession, is unaware of the negative effects it will have on his body when he injects oil jelly into his arms.

While it has become a social media attraction, with 950,000 TikTok followers, many fans have raised concerns about his health in his recent videos.

Although Bazuki, nicknamed ‘Popeye Russia’, has undergone several major surgery after being found to have made a mistake when doctors told him he could face hacking or even death, his limbs also seems to be a very large one, leaving his followers in the lurch. . He also underwent an operation last year that was widely reported by reporters.

“I am only 24 years old, and my immunization program is still going strong with this fever,” he told Sun last year. “But I really don’t know what will happen next.” “That’s why I started the process to end this nightmare.”

Melnikov of the Sechenov Moscow State University of Medicine told The Sun: “You put about three liters in each side.”

Even after the surgeries, his recent clips on TikTok did not make much progress and his followers believed he needed further medical help. LadBible reports that many of the followers in the comment section urged him to take care of himself. In recent videos, online worries are posing dance routines with your partner, while others show you flexing your “muscles” and flexing in your position, trying to shed light on the situation.

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