Russia-Ukraine war: Ukrainian footballer Roman Yaremchuk breaks down in tears after THIS act by crowd – WATCH | Football News

Football teams and fans around the world have united in showing their support and compassion for Ukrainian players since Russia invaded the country. Recently, teams such as Everton, Manchester United, and Manchester City among others in the English Premier League came up with controls to show solidarity with the country during their games last week as they wore shirts’ No War ‘on top of their training gear and display the flag of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian footballer Roman Yaremchuk, who played for Benfica in the Primeira Liga in Portugal, burst into tears after a brilliant reception from fans during his side’s match against Vitoria SC on Sunday.

Yaremchuk started the kick on the bench but he carried us to the field in the 62nd minute and even won the Captain armband. Surprisingly, Benfica fans gave a standing ovation as the Ukrainian footballer entered the pitch and the manager left Roman in tears. The fans praised Yaremchuk while expressing their support for his native country during the Russian offensive. Here is the video:

Essentially, Yaremchuk showed his recent support to Ukraine during the UEFA Champions League match against Ajax by removing his shirt to impress his national team after scoring a goal in the 72nd minute of the match.

It is worth mentioning that the Polish and Swedish football teams have stated that they will not compete in the World Cup with Russia. In a letter to FIFA, the Polish FA said, “As a football club, we refuse to participate in matches in which the Russian national football team appears.”

On Sunday, FIFA issued strict measures against Russia “to reconsider its use of force by Russia in its attack on Ukraine”.

FIFA has banned Russia from playing at home and the team will now have to compete under the name “Football Union of Russia”. No flags or hymns will be allowed either. If the conflict escalates, the potential elimination from football competitions is no longer regulated.

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