Russia-Ukraine war: Tennis star Elina Svitolina will ‘donate prize money’ to homeland | Tennis News

Elina Svitolina said she would donate her donation money from WTA matches to the Ukrainian military and to help with humanitarian efforts after Russia’s attack on her country last week. Number 15 tells Eurosport his family and friends in Ukraine are defending the country and want to help.

“Indeed until last time we did not believe that this war would really start and then everything happened at night… Everyone was scared, everyone was sad, my family was there. Many of my friends who did not leave our country are there, they are fighting for their lives, some of them are fighting for our country, it takes a lot of courage and it is unbelievable that some take weapons from them that they go to fight for our land. ” he said.

“The most painful thing I would say is that I feel useless because I want to help them. I want to do something for them. Some of my friends have no electricity, no water, no food. . They’re really trying. ” he added.

Ukraine’s health ministry said on Sunday that 352 civilians, including 14 children, had been killed since the start of the Russian offensive. It also said 1,684 people, including 116 children, were injured. Russia calls its actions in Ukraine a “major operation” that it says is not designed to capture territory but to destroy the military capabilities of its southern neighbor and take what it sees as dangerous countries.

Svitolina, who competed in Monterrey this week ahead of tournaments in Indian Wells and Miami in the United States, said she has endured a hard time in the brain but admits that what people are going through back home is worse.

“So I decided the prize money from my upcoming tournaments here in Mexico and in the States would go to the Ukrainian Army and to human interests, so like this, I can help my country “And this, I think the right thing to do at this time. And I want to do something and help my country.” Svitolina said.

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