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Russian and Belarusian athletes were banned on Thursday from the Winter Games in Beijing on the eve of the Games following threats by boycotts by other teams on the Russian attack on Ukraine, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) ) say. Belarus has been the key settlement for the attack, which was launched a week ago.

The decision comes a day after the IPC allowed athletes from two countries in the green light to participate as offenders, saying the governing body had followed its rules and that ‘athletes are not destroyers’. But that decision led to shouts and threats from other national Paralympic Committees (NPC) to avoid the Games, IPC President Andrew Parsons told a news conference in Beijing.

“They told us that if we do not reconsider our decision, it is now possible to have great results for the Winter Games,” Parsons said. “Many NPCs, some of whom have been contacted by their governments, teams and athletes, are threatening to compete.”

Parsons said it was clear that the venue had put its program into a “unique and impossible situation” near the start of the Games, adding that a large number of members had been contacted and it was clear the their opposition to Russia and Belarus involved. . A 71-member Russian team and a 12-member team from Belarus are already in Beijing for the Games, which starts on Friday.

Parsons says Russian and Belarusian athletes are victims of the actions of their respective governments. “Athleticism will always be important to us,” he said. “If the Russian and Belarusian athletes stay in Beijing, the countries are likely to be eliminated, and viable matches will not be possible.

“The environment in the village Games are not good. The situation there is increasing and it has become unstoppable… Games are not just about gold, silver and bronze, but about sending a strong message of inclusion. ”

Parsons said the IPC is likely to challenge the legal consequences but is confident that the right decision has been made. The IPC said earlier in a statement that after a special meeting, its Executive Committee had decided not to allow athletes from Russia and Belarus to participate.

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