Russia-Ukraine war: Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp takes a dig at Vladimir Putin, says THIS | Football News

German football legend and current Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has said he does not understand “how an adult could endanger the whole world” by allowing his troops to invade Ukraine.

The celebrated 55-year-old, whose side won their ninth league title in a surprise Sunday night victory over Chelsea, told Norwegian Viaplay Football after the Carabao Cup final that the world of football had to show unity “with understand all. “.

“I’m almost 55 and I don’t understand how an adult can put the whole world in such a situation,” he said. Klopp said, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who ordered the attack on neighboring Ukraine.

“I know a lot of Ukrainian citizens. It’s a battle of the bad guys. We have to show unity. As always in dark times – you need moments when you can think of something else, and I’m glad we were able to do it tonight.It’s really hard to handle – we have to show unity with all understanding. quotes Klopp as referring to the Norwegian altar.

Previously, Liverpool won their ninth Premier League title in a surprise match, as Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga missed the penalty kick to give Liverpool a 11-10 shootout victory in the final.

The game ended on the pitch after 120 minutes which saw plenty of lives, some great saves from both guards and three pitches (one for Liverpool and two for Chelsea) cleared for the outside.

Meanwhile, the Polish and Swedish football teams have also refused to compete in the World Cup with Russia. In a statement, FIFA, FA Poland stated that, “As a football team, we refuse to participate in matches in which the Russian national team appears.”

On Sunday, FIFA issued strict measures against Russia “to reconsider its use of force by Russia in its attack on Ukraine”.

FIFA has banned Russia from playing at home and the team will now have to compete under the name “Football Union of Russia”. No flags or hymns will be allowed either. If the conflict escalates, the potential elimination from football competitions is no longer regulated.

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