Russia-Ukraine war: Chelsea’s Russian owner Roman Abramovich hands over club control to charitable foundation | Football News

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has announced that he will be leaving the club on a daily basis.

The Russian has been in the football team for 20 years, but relations with his country have been in question since the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

This move from Abramovich comes ahead of Chelsea’s Carabao Cup match against Liverpool.

“In my nearly 20 years at Chelsea FC, I have always looked at my role as the club’s manager, whose work has allowed us to be as successful as we can be today, and to build a home for the future, while also making a positive impact on our community, “ Abramovich said in an official statement.

“I have always made decisions with the best love of the Club in one. I am committed to these values. That is why I am giving the management of Chelsea’s charitable Foundation today the stewardship and oversight of Chelsea FC. I believe they are currently in the best position. he added.

Abramovich took over at Chelsea in 2003. Under his rule, the Blues managed to win five Premier League titles and two Premier League titles.

Following tensions between Russia and Ukraine, the sports team has become increasingly volatile and many events in Russia have been canceled, including the Russian Grand Prix.

The Champions League final has also been launched in Russia and will take place in Paris now.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday announced a military operation in Ukraine and warned other countries that any attempt to interfere with Russia’s actions would lead to “unintended consequences.”

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