Russia-Ukraine war: Badminton World Federation suspends Russia and Belarus athletes from international events | Badminton News

The Badminton World Federation on Tuesday (March 1st) banned athletes and government officials of Russia and Belarus from participating in any events compared to the BWF due to the Russian attack on Ukraine which has caused international condemnation. The BWF said its decision was in line with the recent recommendations of the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), calling on international federations to suspend Russia, which has invaded Ukraine and received support from Belarus.

Following talks with international sports partners last night, the Badminton World Federation (BWF) has updated its position on Russia’s military offensive in Ukraine. BWF said in a statement.

“The BWF has intensified its actions against the governments of Russia and Belarus by barring athletes and representatives representing these countries from participating in any of the qualifying BWF tournaments until further notice. . “

The BWF said it supported a cohesive and cohesive approach within the sports movement in granting sanctions against Russia and Belarus. The BWF has canceled all sanctions matches in Russia and Belarus with immediate effect.

He further stated that the rape of the non-participation of badminton athletes and government officials from Russia and Belarus began at the YONEX GAINWARD German Open 2022 to take place from March 8 to 13.

“The small number of Russian athletes competing in the two-legged Para badminton tournaments in Spain in Week 9 and 10 of the calendar will allow you to participate as they have already reached the stage,” BWF said.

“This is on the ground that it is not possible in the short term to force the suspension of actors due to regulatory reasons such as the new IOC EB decision. These athletes, however, will compete as independent athletes, without national flags or anthems ”.

The international community says it is committed to supporting the people of Ukraine, and the Ukrainian badminton community, as part of its mission to promote peace and unity among all peoples.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine last week was a global disaster and the country has suspended international sporting events. Most recently, Russian teams were suspended for all international football, including qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup.

This comes after the IOC Executive Committee issued a “speedy recommendation not to organize any sporting event in Russia or Belarus.”

“IOC EB also urges the International Sports Federations and event organizers to” do everything in their power to ensure that no athlete or athletic representative from Russia or Belarus is allowed to participate under the Russian or Belarusian name.

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