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Rotating Rectangles in Static Image Will Leave You Awestruck

This is the kind of deception that this image does with the eyes.

This picture has left netizens arguing about what they actually saw.

Optical blur always leaves you wondering and lots of images from squares moving to erased icons or even faces that turn into visual pleasures. One finds that it is difficult to see what is in the picture and understanding the real image is not impossible when it comes to optical illusion. Recently, this type of image has been circulating on the internet and this image is different from others.

In this image viewers do not need to find some hidden figures or faces, such as previous pictures. The moving squares in the picture have left everyone amazed. In the picture, the shape is painted in such a way that it looks like the squares are moving while in reality it is just a still image.

Anything that appears in the picture is directly forward. You can see and try to understand it. But, when you focus on the image for even five seconds, the eyes and one will go in different directions. The essence of this colorful art is that there is no movement but if one looks at this image for a while one will see the rectangular angles moving in a circle.

This is the kind of deception that this image does with the eyes. Scientists believe that this is a very clever use of shapes, space, position and colors. This makes our eyes and heart dumb. While we know that the elements in the picture cannot move, we also see them moving. Some scientists have called it the result of mere eye movement.

On the other hand some scientists believe that the motion detectors of our eyes become more active by changing neurons. This makes us feel that the picture is moving.

According to The Sun, a London-based contact lens company called Lenstore has released this image and challenged users to look at the image for a few minutes to find out what they actually saw.

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