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Rohanpreet Singh Biography

Rohanpreet Singh is a Punjabi singer from Jalandhar, Punjab. Rohanpreet Singh was born on March 20, 1994. Rohanpreet Singh started his music career in 2011 with his debut single “Rabb Da Radio”

and soon became famous in the Punjabi music industry. Rohanpreet’s Music was appreciated by the Punjabi audience and Rohanpreet Singh became a favorite among people.

Rohanpreet Singh has sung many hit songs such as Rakhwali, Te Roko, Yaariyan Lage Mere Hain and Rode Rode Rang Di 


Where did he grow up?

Where did he grow up

Rohanpreet Singh is from Jalandhar, Punjab. Rohanpreet Singh’s family moved a lot because of his father’s job. Rohanpreet was born in Jalandhar and then lived in Hoshiarpur before moving to Ludhiana.

Rohanpreet grew up mostly in Ludhiana but he did spend some of his school years in Jalandhar.

Rohanpreet Singh is a very keen observer and lover of nature and he spends lots of time outdoors exploring the beauty of God’s creation.

Rohanpreet Singh has a special place in his heart for animals, especially dogs and Rohanpreet loves to play with them whenever he meets them.

Rohanpreet Singh says, “all of God’s creation is beautiful and I love spending time outdoors.” Rohanpreet Singh shares his thoughts and feelings in a very deep way that touches the heart of all those who hear him.

Rohanpreet loves to sing but Rohanpreet only sings from his heart and Rohanpreet says that Rohanpreet sings for God, not for fame or money.

Rohanpreet’s voice is very melodious and Rohanpreet has a clear pleasant singing style. Rohanpreet Singh feels most comfortable in the outdoors and Rohanpreet loves to travel around India to meet his fans and get inspiration.

What do you know about his career so far?

In 2007 he was the first runner up of the famous TV show SA re gama Little champs, then he had done so much struggle, and

In 2011, when Rohanpreet Singh was only 16 years old, he released his first single called “RABB DA RADIO”.

He wrote the song with Jassi Gill and sang it himself. His music video received lots of views on both TV channels in Punjab such as PTC, GEC, and MTV.

How did he start his singing career?

How did he start his singing career

Ten years ago, Rohanpreet Singh’s singing career began when his father started playing the RABB DA RADIO in front of a live audience and friends. Since then, he has gone on to sing for Ranbir Kapoor and Rajkumar Hirani.

What are some of his popular songs?

Rohanpreet Singh is a Punjabi singer popularly known as Rabb da radio. His latest song “Yaariyan” has gained recognition and his fan base extends to over 10,000 subscribers on YouTube.

What is his style of singing? 

Rohanpreet Singh is a versatile singer and performs not only Punjabi but also Bhojpuri and Carnatic music.

Who are some of his other favorite singers? 

Rohanpreet Singh says, “I enjoy listening to the singing of Diljit Dosanjh Rahman Khan ROHIT Rohanpreet Singh Diljit Dosanjh.

What is the net worth of Rohanpreet Singh?

Rohanpreet Singh’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million, Rohanpreet Singh earns a good living from his singing.

Rohanpreet has performed in many concerts as well Rohanpreet’s songs have been on the top music charts for many weeks Rohanpreet was nominated for PTC Punjabi Music Awards 2016

Rohanpreet won the Best Male Singer award at the MTV Unplugged Season 2.

Rohanpreet’s fashion style?

Rohanpreet's fashion style

Rohnapreet prefers western suits as he feels very comfortable in them, he doesn’t like wearing dresses at all.  

He also wears a turban with his suits when required and sometimes just a plain shirt without the suit as well.

He always likes to try new things so you can see him sporting different kinds of hairstyles or even beards sometimes too.  

But overall Rohanpreet looks good in whatever he wears and you can never complain about Rohna Preet Singh’s style.  

In his free time, Rohanpreets loves to travel Rohnapreet’s hobbies Rohnapreets’ father is a fan of Rohan Preet Singh Rohanpreet loves to travel Rohanpreet has sung for many movies Rohanpreet Singh with his wife name Neha Kakkar.

Physical Appearance

Rohanpreet Singh is very handsome Rohanpreet has a sweet smile Rohanpreet’s eyes are brown Rohanpreet stands at 178 cm Rohanpreet’s hair color is black.

Rohanpreet is one of the best-looking singers in the Punjabi music industry Rohanpreet has many female fans

Rohanpreet Singh is 26 years old now and weighs approx 75kg. 

Family, Caste & Girlfriend

Rohanpreet is a Punjabi Hindu(Sikh) Rohanpreet and his wife Neha Kakkar are very happy together. I will be married in 2020. He had a girlfriend too, But after the year 2017 nobody knows what happens to them.

Favorite Things

Rohanpreet loves to travel Rohanpreet sings beautifully in his own style Rohanpreet enjoys spending time outdoors, especially with animals Rohanpur loves exploring nature through photography 

Family of Rohanpreet Singh

Rohanpreet Singh is a Punjabi singer and actor.  He was born on 1st December 1994in Patiala  India, His Father name is Gurinder Pal Singh (sportsperson and employee at Punjab State Electricity Board)

And his Mother name is – Daljeet Kaur, He has a sibling too, who is his Sister Amanpreet Kaur and Rashminder Kaur

Education of Rohanpreet

Education of Rohanpreet

At the age of three and a half, Rohanpreet Singh started practicing singing. His father motivated him to start singing.

He is trained in Hindustani classical music under professor Gurmukh Singh Sehgal.

In 2007, he participated in ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs,’ and was the 1st runner-up of this show. He then performed in many live shows and concerts in India, South America, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and London.

Some facts of the life of Rohanpreet Singh 

He started singing at the age of 3 Rohanpreet Singh’s father is a fan of Rohanpreet Rohanpreet loves hanging out with friends, reading books, playing video games, and sports

Rohanpreet entered the music industry at the age of 14. Rohanpreet lives in Mumbai with his family Rohanpreet had some problems with his studies Rohanpreet’s parents are Gurinder Pal Singh and Daljeet Kaur.

Rohanpreet’s sister Roshanpreet Kaur is also a singer Rohanpreet has sung for many movies Rohanpreet attended Guru Nanak Khalsa College Rohanpreet Singh’s wife name is Neha Kakkar (Singer) Rohanpreet loves to travel

Rohanpreet had some problems with his studies Rohanpreet lives in Mumbai with his family Rohanpreet started singing at the age of 3 Rohnapreets Father is a fan of Rohnapreets Rohnapreets father was a sportsperson and employee at Punjab State Electricity Board.

Rohna Preet Singh Childhood

The childhood pic of the Punjabi Singer Rohna Preet Singh Rhona Preet Singh Rohanpreet Singh Rohnapreets father was a sportsperson and employee at Punjab State Electricity Board Rohnapreets Father is Gurinder Pal Singh Rohnapreet has the sweet smiles Rohanpreet’s eyes are brown Rohanpreet stood at 178 cm tall

The biography of Rohna Preet Singh Rohan parts write up for every detail in his bio Rohanpreet love to travel Rohanpreet has sung for many movies.


The first paragraph should be about Rohanpreet, Rohanpreet’s family, and Rohanpreet’s education.

In the second paragraph, Rohan Preet’s love for travel Rohan Preet’s hobbies Rohnapreets’ father is a fan of Rohan Preet Singh in the second one write your intro about Rohanpreet (for example a list of facts…).

Then continue describing Rohanpreet likes to do other activities like; traveling by air, cycling, listening to music, playing sports (especially Hockey), watching TV serials or movies, and swimming.  Rohanpreet Favorite things are Desserts, Rohanpreet Favorite places Rohnapreets love to travel Rohnapreets hobbies Rohnaprets’ father is a fan of Rohna Preet Singh Rohanpreet loves to travel Rohan Operation has sung for many movies Rohanpreet Singh picture gallery.


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