“Resurrection?” The sky over the Chinese port city turns blood red, the internet falters -by Ecork

Experts confirmed that no fire was reported as the sky turned red.

In a strange incident, residents of the eastern Chinese port city of Zhoushan were taken aback as the sky briefly turned red over the weekend. While some feared that there was an out-of-control fire burning nearby, others simply assumed it was foreshadowing the end of the world.

Videos and images shared by locals on social media platforms such as Twitter showed the vast sky in red as many descended outside their homes to witness the first such moment in the area. One user said he had never seen anything so weird, while another wrote that it’s “blood red, doesn’t look good at all”. “I’m sure this is perfectly normal and not a harbinger of the end of the world. Right?” Three books on Twitter.

according to does not depend onZhoushan meteorologists hurried to find out why the frightening red sky appeared. They concluded that it came from the refracted lights of local canoes in the low clouds of the area.

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quote Global TimesThe does not depend on She mentioned that the lights turning the color of the sky crimson were coming from a fishing boat that was harvesting shore fish in the Pacific Ocean. Zhoushan officials also confirmed that no fire was reported in the coastal city as the sky turned red.

Meteorologists explained that the weather in the eastern coastal city was perfect for the phenomenon of refraction as the sky was overcast with drizzle which led to an unusual redness of the sky, which sparked a brief panic. They also said that when the weather conditions are good, it leads to more water forming in the atmosphere. Experts added that this forms an aerosol that then reflects and scatters the upper deck of the fishing boats and creates the red sky seen by the public.

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Furthermore, they went on to explain that no geomagnetic or solar activity could be a possible reason why Zhoushan’s sky turned red. According to the report, they reported that solar and geomagnetic activity, which can lead to a change in the color of the sky, in the coastal city was quiet on Saturday and no major anomalies were reported according to monitoring records.

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