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Reporter Dons Flak Jacket, Helmet on Air After Hearing Explosions in Kyiv

The reporter in the video is CNN global reporter Matthew Chance. (Credits: CNN image via Twitter)

An international journalist in Kyiv can be seen wearing his flak jacket and helmet alive in the air after hearing explosions going on in the distance. He continued with his visit.

  • Last Updated:March 24, 2022, 09:40 IS

As Russia-Ukraine tensions mount with Russian President Vladimir Putin declaring “military action” in Ukraine, specifically marking the start of a war, the world is witnessing a massive crisis of mass magnitude. On Twitter, a video is going viral where you can see a reporter from Kyiv donating his flak jacket and helmet alive on the air after the group heard the explosions in the distance. The moment, many have felt, reflects what is coming. The reporter in the video is CNN global correspondent Matthew Chance, a 21-year-old veteran of the news agency. The video was shared by his CNN colleague Brian Stelter, the group’s senior correspondent, on Twitter.

As Chance wears a flak jacket and helmet over the air, he seems to break his microphone at one point but manages to fight with it for the rest of the traffic. Anchor Don Lemon was in the theater while Chance reported from Kyiv.

The moment Chance heard the explosion go off after him was re-recorded in live footage.

“Thanks to journalists who put their lives on the line to bring us news in the comfort of our living room. You guys don’t get enough credit, ”one Twitter user wrote.

Explosions have been heard in two Ukrainian cities and there have been online attacks on government sites. President Vladimir Putin announced a “military operation” in Ukraine on Thursday and called on the military there to withdraw its arms, in defiance of Western aggression and international pleas not to declare war.

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