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Radio Telescope Reveals 4.4 Million Galaxies in New Map of the Universe

A team of astronomers and scientists around the world have differentiated more than a quarter of the northern hemisphere using Low Frequency Optics (LOFAR), a European radio telescope. The map showcases an astonishing radio frequency image of more than 4.4 million objects and a very powerful image of our Universe, which has been made public for the first time. Most of these objects are billions of light years old either of stars with large black holes or growing rapidly. Rare objects have been discovered with collision bands of deep galaxies and stars shining within the Milky Way.

To produce the map, astronomers from Durham University in the UK and Leiden University in the Netherlands have deployed data-imaging algorithms on high performance computers across Europe to process 3,500 hours of observations received 8 petabytes of disk space – equivalent to roughly 20,000 laptops.

This data release, the largest since LOFAR’s two-meter study, reveals about one million items never seen before with any telescope and nearly four million new discoveries in sizes radio frequency.

“This project is very exciting to work on. “Whenever we create a map, our screens are filled with new discoveries and unseen phenomena,” said astronomer Timothy Shimwell of ASTRON and Leiden University.

This data release “is only 27 percent of the total research and is expected to lead to many more scientific achievements in the future, including examining how large parts of the globe have grown, such as black holes grow and develop, the physics that governs the formation of stars in the distant stars and even explains the most amazing levels in the life of stars in our galaxy, ”he added.

These data show an important step forward in astrophysics and can be used to locate many signals, such as those from nearby planets or stars through flexible signatures in the Universe far, researchers say.

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