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It was a hobby he received from his sister but R Praggnanandhaa made the perfect chess of his life early on, taking on the nuances of the game at an early age when many children were divided as teenagers.

All of the 3 when he took to the gym after his elder sister Vaishali was introduced to him to wean him away from watching too many cartoon shows on TV, the currently 16 Praggnanandhaa is now the next big thing in Indian chess.

Recognized as one for the future when he became an International Coach at the age of 10 years and 9 months in 2016, Praggu, as friends and coaches call him comfortably, has made great strides and on Sunday you notice the thing. The greatest victory of his career was the promotion of the first world number Magnus Carlsen.

It was an important task considering that it was the third Indian after the great Viswanathan Anand and P Harikrishna to become the best known Norwegian nobleman, who was the world leader of the empire.

For Praggnanandhaa, the journey begins when life is more of a blur for many young people.

His banker who was infected with polio Rameshbabu’s father and Nagalakshmi’s mother worried that Vaishali was spending too much time in front of the TV.

The purpose behind your introduction to chess is to exclude you from your favorite game shows.

Who would have known that he would end up encouraging a sports planner at home as the importance of Praggnanandhaa in the new hobby of Vaishali has become the end of his life?

“Vaishali has been introduced to chess to reduce his TV watching habits as a child. As it turned out, two kids liked the game and decided to pursue it,” he said. Rameshbabu remember.

“We are delighted that both are able to make a difference in the sport. Most importantly, we are delighted that they are enjoying each other’s sport,” he said. you have.

Nagalakshmi is the one who follows both to the tournaments and follows their games from home.

” Credit went to my wife, who followed them to competitions and was very supportive. He treats both well, ” he said. he said they acknowledged the role of their mother in raising them.

Vaishali, a 19-year-old sister of GM, said her interest in chess increased after she won a tournament and recently her little brother even became interested in the sport.

“I watched a lot of sports when I was six years old or older. “My parents wanted to keep me out of the television program, and they enrolled me in chess and drawing.” you remember.

Praggnanandhaa paved the way for it and in 2018, Chennai-lad won the coveted Grandmaster title, making it the youngest nation to achieve the project and the second youngest in the world at that time. Overall, he is the fifth GM of all time.

Not surprisingly then the famous Indian chess, Anand himself, caught him under his wings.

Ever since he became a GM, Praggnanandhaa’s promotion has stood firm before the COVID-19 pandemic hit as competitions took its back seat and put an end to its progress.

His coach RB Ramesh, GM himself, considered a long break in the tournament maybe just a little bit of his confidence but a win over Carlsen at the ongoing Airthings Masters online event, will make him believe in a better world.

That Praggnanandhaa managed to perform well at the recent Tata Steel Masters event at Wijk Aan Zee in the Netherlands despite the loss of his trainer (Ramesh), who is down with the coronavirus, is also a good indication of his brain power.

” I’m proud of your success. “This should make the world a better place for you.” Ramesh said after the shame of the river overcame Carlsen.

Praggnanandhaa has seen its market rise in recent years and those in the chess circles are talking.

Many contests adorn the minister at his home in Padi, an area here. The accolades include those of many world-class champions of the age.

Vaishali, who has seen her best brother with all competition, talks about other interests as well, including her love for comedy films and table tennis.

“He enjoys comedy in the movies. Also, she loves to play table tennis whenever there is time, “he said. Vaishali said when asked how his talented brother likes to relax.

“Whenever you are at home, you like to spend time with us and we watch television together,” he added.

Also, Praggnanandhaa loves cricket and he always plays friendly matches with his relatives when it comes time, he adds.

But chess is his calling in life and his long journey has been an important one for Praggnanandhaa.

There was a lot ahead of him and coach Ramesh was happy with the way he handled the pressure on expectations. That aside, working with legends like Anand, as part of Westbridge University Anand Chess, will stay in good shape.

Anand’s great lover, the young man has always talked about becoming a world champion and will know what it takes to become one.

The ongoing Airthings Masters online competition in which Praggnanandhaa beat Carlsen saw the games start around 10.30 pm (IST) and continue until about 2am the next morning.

Many plans have gone into how the young Indian star challenged the organization of the event. V Saravanan, an International Master, and coach said that the victory over Carlsen was a great turning point for Praggnanandhaa because it would make him more confident about his abilities.

“Victory will change a lot of things in Prague … confidence in his ability will be one of them. Victory has ensured a lot of visibility which will give him a lot of lives,” he said. he added.

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