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Quordle is Four Times the Fun as Wordle, and Netizens are Hooked

Quordle is four times as popular as Wordle. (Photo: @ Lianne79 on Twitter)

Quordle, the newest word game on the block, is nothing but four Wordle games.

Wordle started the conversion of word games and after The New York Times bought it, hundreds of rounds hit the market. The new one is the Quordle, which is a combination of four words. This comes at a time when people are looking for something more challenging than Wordle and Quordle match the price. The actors get nine guesses to solve all four issues. The inspiration for the game came from Dordle, another word game. Their website says Quordle has 500K players daily and has a total of 1 million players. It has caught the imagination of social media users even with people posting their scores on Twitter. One can play Quordle here.

“Hands down, controversy can be a good record on the word formula.”

“Officially addicted.”

“And a #Quordle!”


“For the first time I guessed all four words on the argument. That means today will be awesome, right? ”

“I was so surprised that I overcame that which was not true. Daily Quordle # 36 “

Wordle, a word-of-mouth game takes over the Internet as people challenge themselves to get one-on-one answers. Perhaps, part of its popularity is indebted to the fact that it is more of a brainteaser than a vocabulary test – the word may be something like ‘gorge’ – it does not sound like your regular magazine text that you may or may not combine both depending on the level of difficulty. . Certainly, though, Wordle is not an easy task. The secret word can be anything between English lexicon. However, it is not like other online brains that will allow you to navigate through endless vortex levels. There is only one wordle per day, it contains five letters and it has six attempts to guess. After each guess, the color of the tiles containing the letters will change to indicate how close it is.

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