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Killing of Pandit Kashmiri: Rahul Gandhi said that terrorism is at its peak in Kashmir.


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the killing of a Kashmiri government employee Pandit by terrorists, saying that talking about a movie is more important to him than talking about the “genocide of Kashmiris Pandit”.

Rahul Bhatt, who had taken a clerk job under the 2010-2011 Special Immigrant Recruitment Package, was killed by terrorists inside a collection office in Chadura town of Budgam district of central Kashmir on Thursday.

Gandhi urged the prime minister, who tagged a video of the murdered government official’s wife on his tweet, to take responsibility for security and bring peace to Kashmir.

“It is more important for the prime minister to speak in a film than to talk about the genocide of the Kashmiri Pandits,” Gandhi said in a clear reference to the movie “The Kashmir Files”.

The former Congress Speaker has claimed that terrorism has peaked in Kashmir today due to the policies of the BJP.

“Mr. Prime Minister, take responsibility for security and try to bring peace,” Mr. Gandhi said.

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