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Popular Ukrainian Singer Takes up Arms Against Russian Soldiers, Sings While on Duty

When Russia drew international condemnation for its brutal war against Ukraine, the people of the former Soviet Union were praised for their uncertainty and determination to fight criminals. The news, Andriy Khlyvnyuk, who is a famous Ukrainian musician and is part of the Ukrainian Boombox band, has decided to take up arms to defend his country rather than flee.

The 42-year-old musician, who enjoys entertaining thousands of Ukrainians through live performances in several cities, volunteered to join the Ukrainian army whose opposition has grown exponentially.

However, it seems that Andriy Khlyvnyuk could not resist singing even in the face of adversity. A recent video posted by the Ukrainian security services on their Twitter account shows Andriy singing outside a church in Ukraine while wearing military gear.

“A little encouragement from Boombox leader Andriy Khlyvnyuk,” the video captioned the video. In the video, Andriy can be seen wearing a military camouflage while also carrying a rifle. Standing outside a gold-domed church, Andriy breathed a sigh of relief for the camera in the 41-second clip.

The spirit of Andriy to entertain his fans even in an unexpected situation has won the online ones. The clip received more than 30,000 likes on Twitter with nearly 4,600 subtitles. Support for the hit country is evident in the comment section as Twitter users drop one. “Jaysus. I do not understand a word but I have people who listen to this dude song,” one user wrote while others praised him.

Speaking about his decision to join the Ukrainian military, Andriy told Euronews: “I will take my children home safely, to a big house. And then I will return to follow the instructions of the government. “He has said that if he needs to, he will also carry weapons to fight for his country.

“The singers are peaceful,” Andriy said while also saying that currently, the situation is not to make guitars but to “pick up rifles”. Expressing her frustration, Andriy said “they hit us”. Meanwhile, he also acknowledged the support he has been receiving since the Ukraine invasion by Russia.

Many Ukrainians, especially women and children, have fled to Poland, Romania and other countries to the west of Ukraine. Otherwise, men of combat age are required to stand up and defend their troubled country.

Essentially, there are also Ukrainians like Andriy who have shown incredible resilience to volunteer for the army.

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