Petrol Bomb Thrown At Ajith Fan Outside Tamil Nadu Cinema Screening Valimai

The trailer (courtesy photo: YouTube)


  • An oil bomb was dropped on a man named Naveen Kumar
  • Immigrant security outside movies across Coimbatore
  • ‘Valimai’ released tomorrow

Opening of Tamil Superstar Ajith Kumar’s latest film Valimai, released tomorrow, damaged shortly after an oil bomb was dropped on actress lovers in Coimbatore, the PTI news agency reported. Two men on a motorcycle ride to a movie in the Coimbatore’s Gandhipuram area early Thursday morning; they fled after throwing an oil bomb at a man named Naveen Kumar, police said, PTI reports. Mr Kumar, who carried the poster of Ajith Kumar, suffered minor injuries. Security has increased outside of movies across Coimbatore and the investigation is on; Police suspect the attack was motivated by a rivalry between Ajith fans over making flags, PTI reports.

Ajith Kumar fans are very angry. In 2017, her team published a self-published statement to charity groups that used Ajith’s absence from social media to present their own ideas and views in the form of the actor. “People who misuse our client name are also attacking members of the film industry, journalists, critics and other celebrities,” the statement said, explaining that Ajith did not approve of senior members. some stars.

Ajith fans are also famous for their tough competition with actress fans Vijay which, sponsored by social media, has reached epic proportions. Today, for example, Vijay fans are celebrating #ValimaiDisaster on Twitter.

Last year, Ajith Kumar asked fans and the media to drop Thala’s previous statement from his name. The southern stars are often referred to by the epic – Superstar for Rajinikanth, for example. Ajith’s character in the 2001 film Dheena called Thala Dheenadhaalan and the levels became; since then, fans called him Thala Ajith and were prone to annoying extremes were anyone to refer to him as plain old Ajith. However, a statement issued in the actor’s name, not on social media, demanded that he be singled out – “To the respected members of the media, the public and the true fans. I want to refer to it as Ajith. Ajith Kumar or an AK is not like “Thala” or any other prophecy before my name. “

Ajith Kumar, 50, is the star of games such as Rajinikanth’s remake Billa, Citizen, Varalaru we had Mankatha. It was last seen in the 2019 film Nerkonda Paarvai. Valimaian thriller action, co-star Huma Qureshi and directed by H Vinoth.

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