PCB To Pay Extra Money To Artists For Bringing Offers From Foreign Leagues -by Ecork

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Friday unveiled separate red football and white football contracts for its players with increasing delays but will discourage its famous players from competing in foreign football, for which it is ready. to pay their compensation. The PCB said the Board of Governors meeting approved the annual budget of 15 billion rupees for the fiscal year 2022-23 with 78 per cent allocation for cricket activities.

“As part of its mission to encourage, motivate and encourage high-profile cricketers, and to close the gap in salaries compared to players from other countries, the BoG has approved changes in the men’s center agreement, ”PCB said in a statement.

From July 1, red and white football contracts will be issued with increased delays. The number of actors with a median contract has increased from 20 to 33.

The commission announced a 10 per cent increase in game fees in all formats and even an increase in game fees for non-game members from 50 per cent to 70 per cent of the general game price.

A leadership license has also been introduced to compensate the team leader for additional services included with that role.

PCB chairman Ramiz Raja also announced at a media conference in Lahore that the Commission has also set up a special fund for current players who receive offers for playing in foreign champions.

“We want to discourage our famous actors from signing up for extra-season events. We feel the best players should not attend these championships. We will pay them 50 to 60 per cent of the contract amount they give they where needed.

“This is a very important time for us. We don’t want our actors to get tired or burnt. We want them to be ready and fresh to go for national projects.” Ramiz also confirmed a 15 per cent increase in the holdings of women’s middle contracts in all sectors. In addition to this, the pool of female contract artists can increase from 20 actors to 25 actors.

“Since September 2021, the Pakistani men’s cricket team has achieved an impressive 75 per cent success rate in all formats, which is the highest among all the Test countries. This has contributed to Pakistan improving its position, which stands now in fifth place. Tests (up by one), third in ODI (up by three and higher since January 2017) and third in T20Is (up by one), ”Raja said.

Explaining the idea behind the division of red and white football contracts, Raja said this was done to highlight the importance of cricket-white in the development and development of the game.

“We have four world events in the next 16 months, including two World Cups. The recognition of awarding contracts to white football experts will help us develop two different teams, which can simultaneously in white cricket and red football. This will also allow us to have a great talent spread to show to the world. ” where they can simultaneously play red and white football teams such as India and England for international events / series.


He also said that a Cricket Foundation has been created to support retired cricketers, match workers, voters and ground workers facing strong financial constraints.

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