Pakistan president calls for investigation into alleged regime change ‘plot’ -by Ecork

The President of Pakistan also informed Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Chief Justice of Pakistan about the matter.


President Dr. Arif Alvi on Tuesday called for a thorough investigation into the alleged regime change plot by ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan.

According to a statement issued by the General Secretariat of the President, the President wrote a letter to former Prime Minister Imran Khan, in which he insisted that an investigation should be conducted into the matter.

The investigation will be conducted by recording circumstantial evidence to reach a logical conclusion and provide clarity to the Pakistanis.

Alawi said that the report in cypher included some of the statements made by Donald Law, the US Assistant Secretary of State in quotes referring to the “proposal of no-confidence,” also mentioning “amnesty” if it succeeds, and “serious consequences” if the said proposal fails. Geo News reported.

He wrote that he read a copy of the code sent to the United States by the ambassador of Pakistan at the time. The cypher contained an official summary of the meeting at the Pakistani embassy between Lu, another US official, the Pakistani ambassador, a note-taker, and other diplomats from the Pakistani mission.

In the letter, President Alvi referred to the two meetings of the National Security Committee (NSC) who upheld that Law’s remarks amounted to an “unacceptable and flagrant interference” in Pakistan’s internal affairs and that its government had rightly issued an action, Geo News reported.

The President also emphasized that threats can be both covert and overt, and in this particular case, they were clearly communicated in undiplomatic language.

He noted that the PTI chief had raised serious issues of potential covert backlash and the ramifications of the threat.

The letter also stated that the President was convinced that for a nation and a sovereign people, whose dignity had been deeply damaged, an in-depth analysis and investigation should be carried out to inquire what might or might not have been a preparation, before or after the overt threat, for a possible plot to change the Pakistani regime, Geo reported News.

President Alfie also emphasized that proving a “smoke weapon” was identified “in the hands of a conspirator,” finding a potential financial impact or identifying meetings where people were incentivized to do covert action or where people were bought and sold would be a powerful exercise.

He stated that even recorded circumstantial evidence can lead the way towards some conclusions and provide a closure for the people of Pakistan who deserve clarity, Geo News reported.

Stressing the need for a full investigation into the matter, Imran Khan informed that he was sending his letter to Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif as well as to Chief Justice of Pakistan Omar Atta Pindial, requesting that the latter form a judicial committee empowered to conduct open hearings in this regard.

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by the NDTV crew and is published from a syndicated feed.)

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