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Romelu Lukaku de Chelsea is announcing his transfer as a dream come true, but less than a year later the Belgian striker is set to join Inter Milan as one of the most expensive flops in Premier League history. Lukaku was hailed as the last part of Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea jigsaw when he signed from Inter Milan for a club fee of 97.5 million euros (USD 119 million) last August.

But all he could do was miss the 29-year-old in the second half of his clash with the Blues.

Lukaku’s market has plummeted since Tuchel cut ties with the Manchester United and Everton striker after a period of time.

Inter are expected to confirm his return to the San Siro soon, after discussing an eight-million-euro ($ 8.4 million) loan deal for Lukaku.

It is believed Lukaku has received a pay cut as well as his desire to leave Stamford Bridge at all costs.

He finished the season as Chelsea’s top scorer with 15 goals in 44 appearances, but that statistic does not tell the full story of his miserable season in west London.

Lukaku has hit just eight times in the Premier League and Chelsea newcomer Todd Boehly was quick to put the stamp out on his way.

He joins Fernando Torres, Andriy Shevchenko, Alvaro Morata and Chris Sutton as the new top scorer who failed to stop a hefty charge at Chelsea.

After selling Inter to the Serie A title in 2021, Lukaku’s combined strength and defensive end should be key to a high-profile season for Chelsea, who won the Champions League a few months before his signing.

Lukaku attributed the move, on a lucrative five-year contract, as finding an emotional home after previously playing for a supporting team as a boy from 2011 to 2014.

“I am happy and blessed to be back in this amazing company. To try to help them get more titles is an amazing feeling,” Lukaku said at the time.


Lukaku’s early delight in making four appearances in his first four appearances, Arsenal’s defensive threat is a signal that he can overcome any opponent who is in the mood.

However, Lukaku’s quick pace has become sour as he has played six matches without a venue raising concerns about his ability to adapt to Tuchel’s plans.

Injured by ankle injury and fight of coronavirus, Lukaku lost his life to Kai Havertz.

Lukaku was unhappy with the way Tuchel was using it, a feeling echoed by former Inter boss Antonio Conte when he said the German did not “understand” how best to use the attack.

While Tuchel must win a share of the family, Lukaku kept his hopes of turning the tide with a happy interview in December.

“Physically I’m fine. But I’m not happy with the situation at Chelsea. Tuchel has chosen to play with another program,” Lukaku told an Italian television channel.

“I really, really from the bottom of my heart hope to come back to Inter.”

Tuchel understood the anger and left Lukaku for Liverpool’s visit to the Bridge a few days after the interview was released.

Lukaku was forced to apologize to Chelsea and the club’s fans.

When he returned to the final team, his body language was terrible as he lived through matches and argued with teammate Hakim Ziyech during a game against Brighton.

Lukaku’s worrying season came to an end at Crystal Palace in February when he broke the record for the lowest number of touches (seven) by an outside player in a Premier League match.

“It’s not about the system. For him, it doesn’t change anything. The data is there and the data speaks a language,” Tuchel said in a statement.

After four months without a Premier League spot, Lukaku has scored three goals in two games towards the end of the season, winning the FA Cup final against Liverpool.


However the appearance of limp Lukaku as Chelsea lost on penalties at Wembley is a fitting tribute to his turbulent years.

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