Opening Indonesia: HS Prannoy Climbs Into The Finals With Thumping Veil On Rasmus Gemke -by Ecork

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India’s HS Prannoy continues his surprise run as he reaches the final of the Indonesian Open Super 1000 tournament with live matches winning over world number 13 Rasmus Gemke of Denmark in Jakarta on Friday. Just over a month after his heroic victory over Gemke in the fifth set against Denmark which secured India’s place in the final of the Thomas Cup, Prannoy produced another fine performance to lead the Danish world record 13 21- 14 21-12 in a 40-minute quarterfinal tournament.

It was the second half appearance for the world number 23 Prannoy in the Indonesian event.

He has reached the last four in the 2017 edition during which he surprised former Olympic gold medalist Chen Long and great Malaysian Lee Chong Wei on their way to the finals.

Prannoy, who reached the final of the Swiss Open Super 300 in March, will face China’s Zhao Jun Peng next.

Coming into the match with a 2-2 head-to-head count, Prannoy did not put a foot in the wrong as he played some corner court shots and the pieces shifted to a positive impact to keep him solid. on the match.

The match saw short meetings with Gemke confused by a knee issue. Prannoy stands by his opponent to make mistakes and release his offensive returns whenever the world comes.

The result was Prannoy galloped to a 5-0 lead before entering the break with an 11-7 cushion. He kept things under review to guide the first game throughout.

In the end, a career error gave India a six-game winning streak and confirmed it with an attack on the corner of its rival forehand.

The first half of the second game was cycling as Gemke launched a big fight. It started drying well and clawed back at 6-6 with a smash after 3-6 lapses.


Prannoy kept up the pressure on his opponent but Gemke also pulled the position at 9-9 with a quick average traction but India secured a two-point cushion in the middle.

Prannoy continued to dominate the post-conference sessions as his regular returns on the front of his opponent and back took his places. A similar rifle took India to eight points and changed with the return of Gemke beating the average.

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