On camera, son of Congress allegedly drunk MLA in Madhya Pradesh Rams’ car -by Ecork

Madhya Pradesh: A case has been filed against an unknown person.


An unidentified driver – allegedly the son of a former Congress minister – an unidentified driver who was allegedly drunk has been charged with running over the car of an Indore resident businessman in Sihur, Madhya Pradesh, a police official said on Monday.

The incident, which was filmed in a video, was widely circulated. The car number revealed it was owned by Rohitap Singh, son of Hokuma Karada of Chagapur, a former Congress minister.

A police official said the incident occurred on Saturday evening when the 40-year-old trader, Dinesh Ahuja, and his partner were heading to Indore from Bhopal.

Those in the other car objected to the sports car colliding with their car and came out demanding compensation. They reportedly saw the man sitting in the driver’s seat drunk, and a glass filled with liquid was kept near the driver’s seat.

“Father of Dai Kareng, father of Ladai Karengi Bayzab, father of Thein Chalingi, Than (We will fight now. We will go to the police station now),” the man said when they sought money to compensate for the damages and crashed their car again.

Then the man came out and smashed their car window.

“He’s running after us with a knife. Cross the road. Knife in hand. Bach Gay, Asha Hua, police phone Lagau (we’re lucky we got out, call the police). He broke our car windows,” the voice of the man who hit his car can be heard in the video.

Anil Yadav, an official at Ashta Police Station, said that a case has been filed against an unknown person on the basis of the vehicle’s registration number.

The car has been impounded.

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