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Olympic medalist Lovlina Borgohain alleges “Mental Depression” Ahead of CWG 2022 -by Ecork

Olympic medal-winning boxer Lovlina Borgohain on Monday took to Twitter to post a long message in which she said she had faced “mental damage” due to the frequent withdrawal of her coaches, who helped her win the medal. An Olympic, from you. training process and then allowed entry after a series of questions. He also said that his coach Sandhya Gurung has currently not been allowed entry into the Commonwealth Games village.

The Indian football team arrived at the Games Village on Sunday night after a training session in Ireland but personal trainer Lovlina Sandhya Gurung could not enter the Village as she did not have a certificate. Lovlina, perhaps, wanted her personal trainer Amey Kolekar with her during the CWG but she did not feature in the long list. The decorated pugilist expressed his anger in a long twitter post.

“Today with a lot of sadness, I want to tell everyone about the constant suffering that goes with me. The coaches who helped me get an Olympic medal are always a team that has a lot of influence on the training schedule me,” Lovlina wrote in it. twitter post.

“One of the teachers is Sandhya Gurungji, who is a Dronacharya awardee. I have to beg with folded hands to keep my teachers in the board. I am feeling mental pain because of this ordeal,” he posted. “Now, my coach Sandhya Gurung is standing outside the CWG village and is not allowed to enter. Eight days before the start of my event, my training schedule has been disrupted. My other coach has been sent back to India,” he said.

Lovlina alleged that she endured similar treatment before the World Cup in Istanbul and fears that something similar will happen at the upcoming Birmingham Games.

“I don’t understand how I can focus on the Games (CWG) amidst all this? My world championships are also suffering because of this. I don’t want my CWG to be affected because of politics. Hopefully I will overcome this politics and win medal for my country. Jai Hind,” he wrote.

The Boxing Federation of India (BFI) said that the approval process is being managed by the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and it is expected that the matter will be sorted out soon.

“IOA and BFI are always working to get Sandhya approved. It is in the hands of IOA but will be available today or tomorrow.

“We have given all the names in the past but there is a quota system. Based on the number of athletes who are eligible there is a 25 percent quota. So we have four representatives, which includes the coach, the doctor and so on,” the BFI secretary Hemanta Kalita told PTI. .

“We have asked the IOA and they have increased the quota to eight. Four will stay inside the village and four have to stay outside, they can enter the village, they use it during the day but at night they have to go back,” Kalita. full.

Another coach Lovlina is talking about is her strength and conditioning coach Amey Kolekar, who is also a personal trainer whose name is not on the long list. Kolekar was with him in Ireland.

The Indian team has a strong and professional coach, who will help the pugilists during the Games.

Meanwhile the Sports Authority of India (SAI) said it will try to ensure that a good decision is reached.


“SAI has taken up the matter with the BFI. The Sports Ministry is in talks with the IOA to resolve the matter and ensure the best preparation for Lovlina who is a strong medal holder,” SAI official said. .

(With PTI inputs)

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