“Oh My God, An Extremely Lonely Place”: Mithun Chakraborty On Stardom

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  • Mithun Chakraborty recently starred in Bestseller
  • It marked its debut today
  • “I never thought I would become a famous star,” he said


Mithun Chakraborty danced his way to the audience in the 80s, but at the peak of his career, the actor said he found himself in a fight with the fact that the celebrity not only led the team but also kept the team afloat . Chakraborty begins his acting journey with 1976 Mrinal Sen’s National Award winning actor Mrigayaa. It was 1979 Ami asaragaga Surakshaa who laid the groundwork for his stardom in the 80s with blockbusters like Disco Dance, Dance Dance, Pyar Jhukta Nahin, Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki we had Commando among other things.

These were busy years for the actor who made more than 100 films in 10 years, always juggling four movie shoots a day. Fans give him a moniker of jijo Star we had Disco Dance.

“I did not think I was going to become a big star. But, when I became the first star in that country, I saw that it was … Oh my God, there is so much. It is really, really, really. “It’s just there. It’s solo because everyone thinks I’m beyond their reach, I can’t,” the actress told PTI.

As Chakraborty grew taller, so did the legend of his stellar star, which began to invade his personal space. The actress says she lives with the amazing reality of showbiz: she is the favorite star but everyone is too scared to even talk to her.

“They would say ‘Get off to the surface, it’s too big’. My friends would also scare me. It was a very strange scene. us.the biggest star, the hottest selling star of the country. Main ek bohot akela admi ho gaya tha (I have become a very lonely man). But this is also a part of life, ”he added.

In the 90s, when Bollywood transformed the city, larger than world romances, slowly let go of the 80s masala film-led popular by him and Jeetendra with minimal support by late music composer Bappi Lahiri’s chartbuster tunes-Chakraborty still had almost 100 tu.

According to the actress, the key to recommending a star is to be not only a good actress but also an amazing person. If an actor is not a good person, Chakraborty says the celebrity “will disappear in a heart attack”.

“There is no survival without talent, only your talent can take you forward, if you have, you will do, no one in the world can stop you. A good actor, who is a bad person, will be short short. life.The bad actor who is a bad person will not live.The good actor who is a good person will have a long life.

“The only magic to be a star for a long time is that a good actor, who is also a good person, will live for a long time. His big star will disappear in one if he is not a good person, Karma will just wait “At the right time, no one can escape that,” he added.

The National Award-winning actress juggled both Bollywood and Bengali films and finally made her debut on the small screen towards the end of the 2000s. Best seller.

The show, inspired by the Ravi Subramanian novel The Bestseller He Writesintroduced him as Assistant Commissioner of Police Lokesh Pramanik.

Chakraborty said today, he took those projects that made him think long after he finished reading the manuscript. “You have to squeeze or tick me. As soon as I read the script and if it hits me, I think I’m on the right side. ‘Bestseller’ is one of them. My attitude in it. is smiling, unexpected and sometimes even careless., ”he added.

The actress said her conversion to OTT was powered by the need to save those moments. If even today he hopes to make a disco dancer, he will be “crazy”, Chakraborty said. “I want to go with time, not bathe against the stream. If I think I’m still a Disco dancer, I’ll be mad. So I have to think about the effects that will affect me now, and one that I can do it for no reason. If OTT is the current season, then I will have to train myself like that. “

Supported by filmmaker Siddharth Malhotra’s Alchemy Production LLP and directed by Mukul Abhyankar, Best seller also stars Shruti Haasan, Arjan Bajwa, Gauahar Khan, Satyajeet Dubey and Sonalee Kulkarni.

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