Official comment on the exhibition’s “outrageous” dance event -by Ecork

Madhya Pradesh: The alleged dance program was held on Sunday evening in Shamgar town.


On Tuesday, an official said, the Madhya Pradesh government had arrested the mayor of Mandsor, in connection with an alleged obscene dance performed by some people at an animal fair organized by a local civic body.

A video of the alleged dance program, which took place on Sunday evening during the “Maa Mahishasur Mardini Devi Mela” in the town of Shamgarh, about 70 km from the county seat of Mandsaur, appeared on social media platforms.

In the clip, a woman was seen dancing to an obscene song. Pictures of state government minister Hardeep Singh Dang and Ma Mahishasur Mardini Devi were seen on a banner in the background.

After the incident, Mr. Dang wrote a letter to the state’s Minister of Urban Management Bhupendra Singh demanding action against the chief municipal official of Mandsor, Nasir Ali Khan, saying that “the program harms the religious sentiments of the people”.

Subsequently, the Mandsaur collector was asked to report on the matter.

Based on the report, Sandeep Yadav, commissioner of Ujjain district, issued an order on Monday to stop Mr. Khan’s work, the official said.

The ban read, “Pictures of Maheshasur Mardini Devi and the elected representatives were shown on the stage where the obscene dance was staged. Mayor Nasir Ali Khan allowed the orchestra program freely without knowing its scheme. This shows the official’s negligence.”

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