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Nurses, Doctors Care For Newborn Babies at Makeshift Bomb Shelter

Russia has begun to invade Ukraine from land, air, and water. Russian troops, already stationed along the country’s border with Ukraine, came in from three parties involved in a bloody war with the former Soviet Union. Amid the unrest, Ukrainian citizens rushed to the west to save their lives and seek refuge while Russia attacked the area. Meanwhile, a worrying video, posted by the New York Times, shows doctors and nurses transporting babies into a bomb shelter during the war.

They said the video was shot in Dnipro, a city in eastern Ukraine, where a bomb shelter was set up at a hospital. In the video, nurses can see the newborns being cared for in what appears to be a preparation room that has been transformed into a bomb shelter.

Some infants who watch a few hours in the video can be seen in connection with medical supplies on the beds. Others are seen providing air through aphrodisiac bags as they face breathing stress. Meanwhile, some nurses even carried babies in their arms while Russian troops destroyed the country.

Demonstrating the power of the situation, Dr. Denis Surkov, head of the new pediatric center, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Children’s Clinical Hospital, told NYT via text message that “this is NICU (Neonatal Care Unit). can you imagine He also said, “This is our truth.” The 51-year-old added that he was very nervous and upset because of the condition.

The infants were reportedly taken to a bomb shelter this Thursday as the Ukrainian city of Dnipro was hit by weapons. Russian troops have attacked other Ukrainian cities and towns including Kharkiv which is Ukraine’s second largest city.

As Ukrainian troops try to confront Russian troops and their national security, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said in a video address that 137 civilians and military personnel have been killed so far, according to the report. Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty reported.

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