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No Data On Attacks On Individual Sector Constituencies: Center In Rajya Sabha -by Ecork

“Specific data on attacks against each region is not maintained centrally,” the Center said.

New Delhi:

Law and order is a state subject and specific data on attacks on any individual community is not maintained centrally, the government said today in response to questions by Rajya Sabha member Abdul Wahab on attacks on minorities.

Mr Wahab, who belongs to the Muslim League of India, has asked whether attacks on minority communities have increased recently and if so, what measures the government has taken to ensure their safety. The MP from Kerala has also asked whether the government has any data on attacks on companies belonging to minority communities and if so, their details.

The reply written by Smriti Irani, holder of the Minority Affairs portfolio, read: “Public order and ‘Police’ are State subjects as per the Seventh Schedule of the Indian Constitution. Responsibility of maintaining law and order, registration and prosecution of crimes. against all citizens including minorities, it is with individual state governments. As such, specific data about attacks to each region is not maintained centrally.”

The Government of India, the minister added, monitors the internal security and law and order situation in the country and issues appropriate recommendations “to maintain peace, general tranquility and regional harmony”.

“The Central Police Force (CAPF) is deployed to assist and assist the State Governments, on their request, to maintain law and order and public peace,” he added.

“The Ministry of Industry, Government of India has formulated the Communications Procedures Guidelines, which, inter-alia lay down the standard operating procedure to deal with situations arising from any violence. These guidelines aims to maintain appropriate vigilance, vigilance planning and preparedness measures to prevent and prevent regional violence,” read the response.

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