Nick Jonas’ Jersey Boys Co-Star CJ Pawlikowski Praises Priyanka Chopra, Called “Lover” -by Ecork

Priyanka Chorpa hugs Nick Jonas. (via: priyankachopra)

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas did not fail in the couple’s’s plans, and their Instagram stands as proof. Soon, Nick’s Jersey boys co-star CJ Pawlikowski is all praise for Priyanka during the Apple podcast REWARD with Connor & Dylan MacDowell. He said Priyanka was wondering how he thought he was the most loving person he had ever met. For the unknown, Priyanka once visited the Jersey Boys program, and there she met CJ Pawlikowski. He also added that Nick and Priyanka have a perfect understanding as shoes.

“She is the most beautiful person I believe I have ever met. He was very kind and wonderful. They have a perfect understanding as a couple because they are kind people and guide with respect. It was a lot of fun to attend. pade Priyanka. Priyanka is there and she is amazing how you think she is, “CJ Pawlikowski said during an interview with Connor & Dylan MacDowell.

Here is the view:

Meanwhile, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra recently welcomed their daughter at home after the baby was at NICU for 100 days. can help but think about these past few months and our rollercoaster, which we now know, many people After 100 days with NICU, our little girl is finally home, the whole family trip is unique and that she needed a certain level of faith, and that while ours was a few challenging months, something very obvious, in anticipation, we were very happy that our daughter was finally home, and just wanted to thank her all doctors, nurses and specialists at Rady Children’s La Jolla and Cedar Sinai, Los Angeles, who are there independently at every step of the program. way.Our upcoming episode starts now, and our baby is really bad. Let’s get MM! Mom and Daddy love it. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and caregivers in my life and there. It makes it easy. Thank. Also .. there is no one I would rather say this than you. Thanks for making me a mom @nickjonas I love you. Ps- thx @divya_jyoti don’t give pictures and @akarikalai don’t give MMs fit! “

On future projects, Priyanka soon returned to the sets of Big house, a colleague of Richard Madden, a day after he welcomed his daughter. Websites will mark its first appearance in the OTT world. Nick Jonas, on the other hand, will see next Jersey boys.

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