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After a long wait and many pre-branded leaks, the next-gen Ford Endeavor, also known as Everest in some parts of the world, has made its debut in the global market. However, American cars are out of the Indian market, so the SUV can now be found in the Indian market.

The next Endeavor looks like a completely new SUV with its newly designed exterior. The updated model takes on a completely different look with the newly designed electric lights followed by the new grille. However, the design seems to be supported by a Ford F-150 Raptor with its new wide grille and dual-pod projector heads with C-shaped DRLs.

It is to be noted that the new SUV inherits the limits of the previous generation. It also takes the same large size with a hint of “box design” that you know well. Otherwise, it may be a tad bit bigger than previous generations. The big size is clearly well complemented by the 20-inch alloy wheels. As for the back panel, you get a brand new type of lamp with a built-in light bulb and a high light bulb.

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The booth of the updated SUV has undergone a major transformation. This includes an all-black interior, leather upholstery on the seats, steering wheel, and keychain, and a dashboard with a dual-screen setup. The new Endeavor-generation will be equipped with a new digital device dashboard, a large tablet body infotainment screen, and additional car technology capabilities.

The most important addition to the new-generation Endeavor features will be a comprehensive set of modern safety standards, including ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Program). Safety technologies such as cross-alarm alerts, blind area warning, and an automatic emergency braking system will be included. It has nine airbags, including one between the front passenger and the driver.

The new-gen Endeavor captures the new energy source well. It now has three engine options, namely the 2.0-liter four-cylinder twin-turbo EcoBlue Diesel unit, the new 3.0-liter V6 turbo diesel unit with the option of 2.3-liter EcoBoost turbo petrol engine. However, they intend to continue with the turbo-liter 2.0 engine for some markets. The engines will have a 10-speed automatic rotating inverter gearbox.

The new Ford Endeavor will be available in 2WD and 4WD configurations, including the latter with a lower carrying case and differential lock for improved road performance. The current generation of SUVs will be available in six variants: Ambient, Trend, Trend Sport, Wildtrack X, Titanium, and Platinum.

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