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NASA Astronauts to Grow Plants Without Soil in Space, Here’s How

The International Space Station recently received a new level of resources and equipment for research and development. The shipment was carried by Northrop Grumman, Cygnus, which docked with the ISS on Monday, Dec. 21. through hydroponic and aeroponic processes. Basically, these seeds will grow without soil in the field. The airline, in total, carries an estimated 3,764 kilograms of supplies, supplies, and “snacks”.

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) also shared a video of the docking process on its official Twitter account. The video sharing, NASA, in the headline, writes, “The burden of science, supplies, and snacks has arrived! Northrop Grumman’s SS Piers Sellers Cygnus spacecraft has been acquired by Space Station with in-flight tests, including a new way of growing crops without a home. ”

See the docking process here:

Cygnus was launched on March 19 from NASA Airport of Wallops, Virginia, and was arrested by the ISS on Monday. The docking process was controlled by NASA astronaut Raja Chari, with NASA astronaut Kayla Barron appointed as a backup.

Growing seeds without land is not the only important study that astronomers will do. NASA astronauts at the ISS will also research and evaluate potential products for aging skin protection. In addition, the package includes equipment for testing on combustion equipment, hydrogen sensors for the ISS oxygen generation system, and a powerful second lithium-ion battery that operates under ambient temperatures and vacuum environments.

Another surprise delivery by Cygnus is the equipment needed for the ISS Roll-out Solar Array (IROSA), a rotating solar panel that can be used effectively to power multiple elements on the ISS, including satellites. According to NASA, the Cygnus spacecraft will remain at the ISS until May.

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