Mumbai teen Siddharth Mohite attempts record for longest batting, stays at crease for over 72 hours under guidance of of Yashasvi Jaiswal’s coach | Cricket News

Watching a new world record for the longest batting, young Mumbai Siddharth Mohite stood at a standstill for a period of 72 hours and five minutes during the average race and waited for the Guinness Book of World Record to recognize the performance.

The 19-year-old Mohite surpassed Virag Mane’s 50-hour record, created in 2015, before fighting for 72 hours and five minutes over the weekend.

“I’m very happy that I finished what I was trying to do. This is one way I want to show people that I have something extra in me,” Mohite said in a press release.

“Because of the Covid lock I missed two good years of cricketing which was a huge loss. So, I thought of doing something different and randomly this idea came to me and then I contacted a lot of colleges and coaches,” he added.

Mohite was supported in his campaign by his mentor Jwala Singh, who also trained young beginner Yashasvi Jaiswal.

“Everyone told me no. Then I contacted Jwala Sir and he said why? He supported me in every way and provided whatever you needed.” with Mohite.

A group of footballers stood with Mohite to support him throughout his meeting.

As a rule, batter can take a break for five minutes an hour.

Mohite recording and the required documents will be sent to Guinness World Records, Singh said in a statement.

“Mohite was part of the MCC Pro-40 League before the Covid-19 pandemic in 2019 and then during the pandemic, his mom contacted me for his cricket match.

“But because of the lock everything is closed. Then he called me one day and asked to try this job. To be honest, I am not very passionate about this but I know very well that many young cricketers have lost some good year. “ Singh said

“So I thought ‘if someone wants to do something different why not?’ And so, I agree to support, ”he said. with Singh.

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