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Mumbai Lawyer Sues Ola Cabs For Rs 62 Discrepancy, Wins Rs 15,000 Compensation

An OLA driver is not satisfied with the charging procedures the motor vehicle service has taken the company to court and won the case, with a fine of Rs.15,000. Shreyans Mamania, a 34-year-old Mumbai native, took the OLA bus service or ride to Kalachowki from Kandivali. Shreyans, who is also a lawyer, was traveling with his family in May 2021. When he wrote a lengthy book on the OLA application, the cost shown on it was Rs.372. But, when the Shreyans and his family arrived in Kalachowki, their income increased from Rs.372 to Rs. 434. Shreyans could not understand the possible explanation for the ride of Rs. 64 in a car park.

Shreyans asked the driver, who explained that such trips were common and that Shreyans should not make a big deal either. Since the driver would have lost if the Shreyans had not paid there and then, following the suit he paid his long-term tax. “I paid Rs.434 and then tried to contact OLA customer care. No reply. Finally, I decided to approach the client conference, ”Shreyans told Mid-Day.

The Shreyans family tried to persuade him to go to such measures for such a small amount, but it seems that Shreyan’s fight was not for money even once, and he paid attention only to the pure protection of morality and principles. As a result, a complaint hit the user’s table on August 17, and by December 16, the process began.

As the court reached its decision and after the conclusion of the case, the OLA was ordered to pay Shreyans a sum of Rs. 15,000, which is Rs.10,000 as compensation and Rs.5,000 as compensation to the complaint. “Many would say only Rs. 62. But I wanted to make sure that OLA understood this and made changes in their software. If this happens to 100 customers even every day, OLA gets 5,000 from it. We should fight it, ”Shreyans said.

First, the case was filed with a request of Rs. 4 lakh as compensation, but the forum said the amount was out of proportion and resorted to compensation of Rs.15.000 in total.

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