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MP Woman Duped by Man Who Promised to Help Bring Back Her Daughter from Ukraine

Amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, a significant number of Indian students who flocked there to study medicine, are confused in a war-torn country. Concerned parents have reported running from column to post to get their children back while making heroic calls to check on them. However, adding to their troubles, the destroyers are making money without embarrassment in the crisis and being Indian parents hoping on the forecast of their help. One such incident has been reported in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh where a mother was defrauded of Rs 37,000 by a conman who appeared as an official of the PMO, Times of India reported. The mother, Vaishali Wilson, who worked as a lab assistant hopes to bring back her daughter Sristhi back in Ukraine during the war.

Reportedly, Vaishali has been trying to bring Sristhi home and has contacted national and state officials seeking help. It was when a murderer thought of taking advantage of the situation and chased after the expectant mother.

Claiming to be a “personal helper” at the PMO in New Delhi, the conman called Vaishali and identified himself as a Prince. On the call, he asked Vaishali to transfer Rs 42,000 in a bank account on the forecast of setting up a plane ticket for his daughter from Ukraine.

Already sadly, Vaishali did not think much before taking the amount. However, he suspected when the conman did not respond to his calls. “I made several calls to him on his number but there was no response,” Vaishali told the news agency. He also said that the trustee returned Rs 5,000 to his bank account and issued “a fake certificate stating more transactions.”

After the incident, Vaishali contacted some government officials who told him that there was no such person in the PMO. When he realized that he had been cheated, Vaishali then complained to the police who managed to find the conman’s location in Delhi.

According to Vidisha SP Monika Shukla, an FIR has filed a complaint against the accused, and they have sent teams to arrest him. He also said they had obtained Prince’s bank accounts, and further investigations were ongoing.

Reportedly, as the matter came to a head, State Minister of Health Prabhuram Chaudhary and Minister of Education Vishwas Sarang assured Vaishali that he would safely bring his daughter back from Ukraine.

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