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MG Motor India has launched MG Charge, a new business that aims to establish charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in residential areas across India in 1,000 days.

“As part of the initiative, the company will install 1,000 AC speeds, type 2 chargers, the most common type of charger for electric vehicles, supporting the most current and future EVs “, MG Motor India said in a statement.

“Furthermore, the chargers will be SIM-enabled and supported by the charger distribution system,” he added.

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“MG is constantly working towards its goal of improving the EV ecosystem in India. With the launch of MG Charge, we will increase the flexibility and address the customer’s concern about charging, further encouraging the survival of the fittest. EV, ”said MG Motor India President and CEO Rajeev Chaba.

With this initiative, he further stated, “We will now have a 6 way charging solution for our customers and provide maximum reliability and reliability.”

MG Motor India said along with its partners and other RWAs, it will continue to support local charger infrastructure in the future. It aims to get a simple and easy vehicle charging experience across many residential worlds to promote EV connectivity.

“MG will collaborate with RWA (population assistance team) and provide end-to-end guidance, planning, and support for the installation process, saving costs for selected residential communities,” the company said.

The company has recently partnered with Fortum and Tata Power to introduce superfast charging stations.

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