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Mexican Woman Crushed to Death Under 181 kg Barbell She Was Lifting at Gym

A Mexican athlete was crushed to death after losing weight while lifting 400 lbs (approximately 181 kg.) Barbell weight. The monster accident was caught on a CCTV camera installed at the stadium, Mirror reported. An unidentified woman, reportedly between the ages of 35 and 40, is trying to place a large barbell in front of her daughter at a gym in Peralvillo, Cuauhtemocarea of ​​Mexico City, Mexico. Video of the incident that went viral on the internet shows a man, perhaps a trainer, adjusting the weight on the machine as he takes a position to lift. However, the weight was too heavy, and the weeds fell on him, breaking his neck on the seat, and he died instantly.

They saw the teacher running to help the woman by lifting the pillow but she failed. Soon, two others at the stadium joined in to lift the weight, but when they did, it was too late. The incident has been reported to have hurt the girl and authorities are providing psychological support.

The local government lawyer has conducted an investigation into the incident after which the owner of the gym was briefly arrested to confirm the woman’s identity. Further research is underway.

In the same weight-bearing accident in 2020, a woman’s shoulder was torn off and her arm was torn while trying to squat with a weight of 167 kg. Video of the incident shows a woman named Robyn Machado from North Carolina USA trying to squat with heavy weights on her shoulders. However, when it came down, the banana had a slippery slope, turning its shoulder.

She was immediately taken to a local hospital where doctors performed surgery to remove her plate and scissors. It took more than two months for Robyn to recover from the injury.

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