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Meet This Bear Who See Homes in California as Source of Food

Imagine stepping into your home and finding a 500-pound bear through your fridge. And then stare at it as if it had entered your home more than any other way. Okay, this seems to be a very common sight in South Lake Tahoe, California.

According to CBS 13 Sacramento, the bear, known as “Hank the Tank”, has broken into many homes in recent years. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is currently in demand because it is responsible for more than 150 events in the region. Northern California-Nevada Region. The most recent farewell took place Friday at a property in the Tahoe Keys area.

Peter Tira, a spokesman for the California Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, said, “These are areas, a lot of people around, traffic, cars. Therefore, we have to do this in a way that is safe for everyone and the bear itself. This is a dangerous food bear. What that means is a bear that loses all human fear and sees people and homes as a source of food. ”

The bear broke a window and snuck into the house on Catalina Drive. Hank went through the back door and got lost in the woods while the police knocked on the door.

The bear, also known as Jake, Yogi, or Big Guy alone, has “lost all fear of man” and considered them a source of food, according to Tira.

During a meeting last week, a group of landowners decided to allow wildlife authorities to catch the bear. Previous trapping efforts, which are more effective in more traditional tree systems, have been in vain in residential areas where the bear has become aclimated, according to SF Gate.

Following the holiday on Friday, staff collected DNA evidence to create a normal match if the bear caught it. If Hank is arrested, government officials say he could be transferred to approved facilities such as zoos and animal sanctuaries.

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