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Meet Mini Augustine, the Oldest Woman to Reach Khardung La Pass on a Bike

The 56-year-old Mini Augustine is still riding a motorcycle with the same power as he did when he was 27. General Manager at Canara Bank, Kottayam, Kerala, Mini has shown that age is only a number and that he could not hack that. the wings of your dream. Mini is a successful rider who became the oldest female rider to reach Khardung La Pass in 2017. Recently, she set off for another trip, cycling from Kerala to Rajasthan. The tour was organized by Royal Enfield, which took 27 riders on a heritage tour throughout the state, including the Mini. The 2,600-kilometer journey takes 9 days and adds another laurel to the long list that the Mini maintains.

The sister was well prepared for the trip to Rajasthan because she had accomplished a difficult task four years ago when she flew to Ladakh. “I do not see any woman doing that. I prepared myself for a year before making the trip. I practiced Surya Namaskar and played for a year, ”Mini told Indian Express about his trip to Khardung La.

Mini adds that her travels are roughly 61 riders, including men over the age of 60. However, Mini, at 51, is the oldest woman on the team. “So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. Of the 61 riders, five people, unfortunately, could not complete their journey due to mountain illness and mechanical issues of their bikes, ”Mini said.

From high mountains and dark hills to dark and deep gorge, Mini and his motorcycle have been a dustbin of almost all lands now. Her recent trip to Rajasthan, in particular, was a testament to her strong love and unwavering faith in her love. Mini, on her trip on the tarmac, was looking for female riders of her age but she rarely found anyone. Advocating for the inclusion of female riders in society, Mini plans to embark on a journey to the northeast next.

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