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Man Has Hilarious Reaction After Partner Cooks For Him

There is a saying that one way to one person is through your gut. We could not get more to it, all thanks to Choi. If you are wondering who Choi is, then you have not seen a video that is currently being hacked on social media. A video has surfaced on the Internet showing an Asian man named Choi watching what his girlfriend calls him.

Recently, a Twitter user going by the name MaecyBae shared a funny TikTok video of a man, in which he can be seen in a bathing suit at his girlfriend’s house. As the video begins, you can see him sitting at a food table with a variety of foods in front of him. He began to say that he was not looking for a girlfriend. However, after seeing Kimchi on the table, she was surprised. He was even more surprised when he knew the girl did for him. After tasting the delicacies, she changed her mind and said that she was looking for a girl, not a girlfriend. Then, he used other foods and told the girl that he wanted to live with her. Finally, he asked her to marry him, and he paid for the wedding.

The original video was made by content creator Read Choi on Tik Tok and the text on the video reads, “When you see you can cook,” while sharing the video on Twitter, the user captioned it saying he would pay for watching people from different cultures repeat the video.

Commenting on the video, Maecy Bae shared another video from the hand, Angela, said they did it first.

Netizens responded to the video on their own.

While many posted their versions of the video, others were left in the limelight as they dropped humorous comments at the bottom of the epic video.

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