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Malaysian Woman Loses Purse Full of Gold, Authorities Help Find it in Garbage Heaps

A little carelessness can cause a lot of stress sometimes. Mother Ismail, a resident of Malaysia, almost lost her wallet full of gold rings, necklaces and chains because of her carelessness. Quickly drop your wallet into a dust bag by mistake. By the time you see your error, it is too late.

The rubbish was dumped in a dump truck. Concerned, Yaya told her husband, who went to the garbage truck. It was after the staff at the Seberang Prai City Council (MBSP) in Tasek Gelugor helped them that a bag with jewelry could be found.

Finding Yaya’s wallet amidst some huge debris is a daunting task. Staff at the garbage dump approached Yaya’s husband at Tasek Gelugor’s cleaning department. They helped him to search carefully for each rubbish heap.

Finally, after much struggle, the wallet was found. Yaya’s husband gave his wife this information via video call. Yaya was very happy to hear this. He extended his thanks to the staff through a Facebook post.

The sister also attached some photos with the post. Her husband can be seen standing with the staff in the middle of a pile of rubbish. He also attached a photo of the staff who helped find his wallet. This is one of the best days of Yaya’s life. You may have lost a lot of expensive jewelry.

For this generous help, Yaya also placed staff at an undisclosed cost. Yaya attached a screenshot of the same.

Staff at the MBSP wore orange t-shirts and were also called a local hero. They are referred to as Wira Oren (heroes in orange). Garbage storage is a place where the garbage collected by many garbage is packed tightly into a special truck. This truck is then shipped to destinations which reduces shipping costs.

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