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Madhya Pradesh Bride Refuses to Marry Groom Claiming He’s ‘Mentally Ill’

A sister in the Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh refuses to marry a bridegroom, in the midst of wedding customs, because of her mental state. Not only that, the bride and groom even beat the bride and the ‘baratis’ after they were arrested. Video footage of the event being watched while the bridegroom was seen wearing his hair. His party accused him of being arrested and beaten by members of his family following an altercation. ‘baraat’ from Manikwar village has reached Vanpadhar village under Mauganj police station. During the marriage ceremony, there was an argument over ‘baraatis’ and the girl refused to marry.

According to the police, the girl asked questions about the boy’s mental state, and he refused to marry her.

The controversy arose after some ‘baraatis’, during which the custom of the groom’s cousins ​​pronounced ‘batasha’ (a kind of noise) to the bridesmaids, who had immoral relations with the women of the other side.

Controversy ensued, and the girl’s relatives reportedly began beating her ‘baraatis’. Video of the bride and groom being beaten has gone viral on social media.

According to reports, one of the baratis rushed to the police station and informed them of the incident after the police arrived and released the baratis.

Superintendent of Police Shiv Kumar told reporters that the girl’s family had accused the boy of behaving “inappropriately” during the rituals. He also alleges that the boy’s family concealed the fact that “his mental state was not good”. There was a dispute over this and the marriage did not take place. At the same time, the boy’s father accused the bride’s family of holding them hostage and beating them ‘baraatis’.

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