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London Woman Applies for Her Death Certificate to Steer Away from Driving Conviction

A 38-year-old woman was found guilty and jailed after she tried to fake her own death to duck a convicted driver. A resident of Kensington, Central London, Zoe Bernard, was arrested for reckless driving, without a warrant, and failed to stop somewhere in Kilburn in November 2020. For further court cases, Zoe appeared as Shanice Bernard, her sister. , and said “Zoe” is dead. He even asked for a death certificate to ensure his rights were upheld. The dismissal of the court began when, at the time of admission in November 2020, he introduced himself as Kyesha Bernard to the police. This illusion of names reminds the court of law. Then, in December 2020, she started appearing as Shanice and said that Zoe was dead. The following month, he applied for a death certificate from the Westminster Registry Office, which was a failed attempt to uphold his rights because no deaths were registered at that time.

“The investigator wrote to Ms Bernard asking him to come to the police station for an interview, saying that he had been involved in several incidents from November 15, 2020 and January 7, 2021, by someone who called themselves is Shanice Bernard who claims to be Zoe Bernard’s sister, ”said lawyer Gregor McKinley, as reported by the Mirror.

Zoe’s defense lawyer, Margo Munro Kerr, said Zoe was the victim of a sexual assault by a police officer and was suffering from Sickle Cell Disorder. In this case, Kerr argues that prison time, in that case, would be very hurtful for Zoe. Then, bringing the death certificate under consideration, Kerr said Zoe asked for a death certificate because she had a feeling of suicide, and the search for a death certificate was nothing but preparations.

The courtroom did not heed the arguments put on the table by Zoe’s defense and said it was “a strange way to act.” Convinced that Zoe was “too small for legal surgery,” the court ruled in her favor.

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