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Loco Pilot Halts Train For Alwar’s Famous Kachori, 5 People Suspended

An airplane got into trouble when it stopped the train without permission and took Kachori. Video of the incident went viral, leaving everyone in a state of disarray, and eventually led to the suspension of five government officials. A video from Alwar, Rajasthan, goes viral on social media. The picture is said to have come from the Daudpur intersection, some 500 meters from the Alwar intersection. According to reports, such incidents are frequent. While the Bhivani-Mathura train stopped to change machines, the loco driver took the opportunity to satisfy his tastes.

To everyone’s surprise, in a video of the attack, the pilot was stopped at a crossroads by a train engine. Later, a man was spotted approaching the car and handing over a plastic bag in the famous Alwar Khasta Kachori.

Because of the careless conduct of the pilots, they had to dismantle the gates and force people on both sides to stop. Meanwhile, someone recorded the whole event and shared it on social media.

After the video clip sparked accusations of splitting the train tracks, authorities investigated and took action against the culprits. Five people were stopped, including the station superintendent, two loco drivers, and two security guards.

A similar incident was reported a few months ago in Pakistan when a train driver stopped a train to get some yoghurt. The central train from Lahore to Karachi is stopped near the Kahna train station. A locomotive driver was observed carrying a plastic bag after receiving some yoghurt heading back to the machine.

However, as soon as the video was leaked, Azam Khan Swati, the Federal Minister for Railways, noted the situation, and the train driver and his assistant were fired for stopping at an unoccupied area. declare.

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