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Little Girl’s Appeal For Peace Amid Russia-Ukraine War

Since Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a military offensive against Ukraine on February 24, the situation in the country has deteriorated. Now new satellite images taken yesterday show a Russian military vehicle stretching for about 40 miles (64 km) near the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, Reuters reported. This comes after the Russian President issued a statement on Thursday, in which he called on other countries not to be involved in the Russia-Ukraine war, saying, “To anyone who plans to attack from outside: if you do, you will face greater consequences than any other. it has been challenged in history. All necessary decisions have been made. I hope you hear me. ”

Amid ongoing tensions between the two European countries, social media is full of tweets and videos of people taking their stand against the war. While some are praying for the innocent citizens of Ukraine to be safe and peaceful to overcome, many are urging other countries to intervene. In the midst of the war, a cute video of a little girl urging herself to “stop” the war is circulating on the internet.

The clip, which has now been hacked, was posted via an official Instagram page called Brittany and Lily, which has more than 1.1 million followers. In the video, which has garnered more than 149 thousand likes and has been watched more than 2 million times, a little girl named Lilly begs for peace to prevail. And some netizens may not have enough of how cute her beautiful voice is delivering such a powerful message.

The terrifying video begins with Lilly saying, “I want peace on Earth, not pieces of Earth. We are brothers and sisters. ” At the end of the short video, Lilly says, “Stop fighting.” While posting the video, the webmaster wrote the headline, “We are praying for Ukraine and all the innocent lives involved”.

As soon as the video was posted on Instagram, the netizens started praising the little girl for her beautiful yet meaningful message. The comment section of the video is filled with several messages, where one user writes, “Tell them, Lily! I voted for Lily for President. Just get it !! World Peace! ”Said another:“ I am from Ukraine, and I was very happy to receive such support from other countries. THANK YOU. “The third user said,” So… the truth julọ the most beautiful lesson we all need to hear. “

What are your views on this video?

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