Law Minister Kirin Reju’s note “Lakshman Rekha” after the Supreme Court order -by Ecork

After the sedition order, Kirin Reju said there is a “Lakshman Rekha” that cannot be crossed.

New Delhi:

The Supreme Court today ordered the suspension of the controversial sedition law as the government reviews it and those imprisoned on charges can go to the courts to be released on bail.

Shortly after the order, Federal Law Minister Keren Riejo said that while he “respects the court and its independence”, there “Lakshman Rakha“It cannot be bypassed.

“We have made our positions clear and have also informed the court about the intention of the prime minister (Prime Minister Narendra Modi). We respect the court and its independence. But there is a ‘Lakshman Rekha’ that must be respected by all organs of the state in letter and spirit,” the law minister told reporters.

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