Kushal Das Receives Medical Leave, Sunando Dhar Acting Secretary General AIFF: CoA -by Ecork

All Indian Football Federation (AIFF) Secretary General Kushal Das has gone on holiday on medical grounds, forcing the Supreme Court-elect (CoA) to appoint Sunando Dhar to the post. first. The Supreme Court, on May 18, appointed a three-member CoA to administer AIFF cases and formulate its rules in line with the National Sports Code and model guidelines while conducting the elections. its long proximity. “Mr. Kushal Das, the Secretary-General, has been on leave due to his health issues, and therefore the Board of Trustees has appointed Mr. Sunando Dhar as the Secretary-General, who will be in charge of the day-to-day operations. Federal control under the direction of the Council Coordinators, ”CoA said in a statement on Monday.

Some football officials, however, say there is more development than meets the eye.

Dhar, a former veteran of the League, was appointed on a key role after CoA took charge of the federation.

Referring to recent observations by individuals associated with Indian football at this time, CoA said, “The commission has noted that some people have made some statements about the work of the AIFF and who testified to his office.

“The statements made must reflect the personal views of the people as the Board of Trustees has not authorized anyone to disclose any information for his name.” Among other things, CoA is set to brief FIFA officials, who are visiting the country starting their meetings with a number of dignitaries from Wednesday, about their desire to complete the work appointed by the Supreme Court. for them within the allotted time.

Explaining its urgency to carry out its initial assignment, CoA said, “The Commission would like to complete the work entrusted to it by the Supreme Court as soon as possible, and in the process of doing so, the selection law of the law. The AIFF which can be prepared by the Board of Trustees will be forwarded to the Supreme Court of Tomorrow.


“The recommendations made will be considered regularly by the Court of Tomorrow on July 15 as directed by the Court of Tomorrow.” He further said, “The Board of Supervisors will make the requirements for holding an election as per the new law proposed by the Supreme Court as soon as possible and then, the law will be forwarded to the AIFF General Assembly for your certification.

“The commission will also work with the help and cooperation of all concerned, including Football Sports Ltd, State Teams, Sports Authority of India, FIFA, AFC etc., for the benefit of Indian Football.”

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