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KCR Member On Discussions With Congress -by Ecork

Parliament is a useless institution, KT Rama Rao said


KT Rama Rao, son of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao, today mocked Parliament and asked why election adviser Prashant would like to join. Mr Rao Senior has signed up with IPAC, an organization led by Mr Kishor for years, yesterday to consider whether he would put an end to the ongoing election negotiations with Congress.

Asked if there could be a debate of interest in Mr Kishor’s negotiations with Parliament, KT Rama Rao told NDTV, “At first I did not know whether Parliament could play a significant role anywhere in the country”.

The group, he said, had not “corrected the same path three years ago” despite their defeats.

Rahul Gandhi, he pointed out, lost his Amethi family power to the BJP in 2019 and in the recent parliamentary elections in Uttar Pradesh, Parliament failed to win a seat under the parliamentary constituency.

Asked about Mr. Kishor, whom his father described as a “best friend”, making several appearances to Congress on the reform of the 137-year-old party, Mr Rao said, “PK is suffering from a disease. This is what it is. It is happening. Do not attach too much importance to it. “

Then he added, “As a consultant looking at the scene from the outside, you can have your say. My opinion is that Congress is an empty institution”.

Mr Kishor, who has officially resigned from the IPAC but is still embroiled in controversy – spent the weekend in Hyderabad close to the Prime Minister.

The meeting may have angered a section of Parliament, which is not comfortable with Mr Kishor’s credentials and personal links with local groups – which are widely regarded as enemy camps.

Mr Kishor has been a political adviser to Trinamool Congressman and Chief Minister Bengal Mamata Banerjee and his Andhra Pradesh counterpart Jagan Mohan Reddy, leader of the YSR Congress. Both parties are former rivals of Congress in the states.

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