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Journalist Son Interrupted by Mom During Reporting, Adorable Video is Viral

What a wonderful day at work it will be when your mother shows up to say ‘hi’ anywhere. Well, this happened with Myles Harris, a reporter from Columbus, Ohio, who was on his job when his mother drove and saw him. Your enjoyment level seems to be higher as you see your child working. Like all other parents, it was a time of pride for her, and she could not resist saying ‘Hi’ to him. Moments recorded as camera re-rotated. Healthy video is going viral on the internet.

In a video shared by Myles himself on Instagram, he reports to ABC affiliate WSYX, but then realizes that his mother is passing. He said to the cameraman, “That’s my mom, wait.” After that, her mother drove through her and appeared on the screen. The cameraman couldn’t resist his smile as Myles told his mother he was working and needed to go. It was a wonderful mother-in-law moment that was accidentally recorded as the camera rotated.

Myles told his mother “I am trying to work now, and you are here calling my phone”. Then he introduced her to the cameraman and said “This is DeAngelo, you can say hi. And don’t stop traffic because you have cars behind you. ” At the end of the video, Myles asks DeAngelo whether he recorded all that. The video was later shared by cameraman DeAngelo Byrd and Myles Harris on Instagram.

Myles Harris shared the video with the title, “Representative Sandal” referring to his mother. He also thanked the cameraman for continuing the rotation.

DeAngelo Byrd also shared the video with the caption, “What a blessing to have such a happy time, I’m glad I took this.”

Related comments such as “Mom will do this perfectly” add to the comment section.

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