Journalist arrested after the Supreme Senate’s decision to stir up sedition -by Ecork

The case against Aman Chopra involved what allegedly encouraged inter-group animosity.


The third case against journalist Aman Chopra has been put on hold by the Rajasthan High Court today after the Supreme Court’s decision on the Sedition Act. The Jodhpur body of the High Court took the decision on the basis of the temporary order of the High Court to suspend all cases under the Sedition Act and not bring new cases anywhere until the center reviews the controversial British era law.

The Rajasthan High Court suspended the arrest of the Noida-based journalist yesterday, and another hearing is scheduled for today.

In its order issued today, the Jodhpur body said, “Inquired Senior Counsel Mr. Luthra and Mr. Bhandari, have informed the Court that the Honorable High Court, while hearing matters relating to ‘sedition’… has issued an interim injunction directing the Centre/State Government to refrain from registering any information on flight information under Section 124-A of the Indian Penal Code and to keep all outstanding matters pending during the period in which Section 124-A of the IPC is being reconsidered.”

The court said that “this court considers that an investigation, including the questioning of the petitioner, is necessary before any concrete conclusion can be reached regarding the commission of the alleged offenses against the petitioner.”

“Therefore, the petitioner has been directed to appear before the investigating officer, Bichhiwada Police Station, Dungarpur District, on 16.05.2022 at 11.00 am,” reads the order from Judge Dinesh Mehta.

Mr Chopra had already obtained a stay of arrest from the Jaipur court in the cases filed against him in Bundi and Alwar districts. However, he has been arrested in connection with a similar case filed in Dungarpur.

The cases against Mr. Chopra have been brought after a televised debate over the demolition of a temple by civil authorities in the Alwar district of Rajasthan.

He was charged with inciting hostility between different groups and harming religious feelings. He was also accused of sedition.

On Sunday, a team of Rajasthan police went to Noida in Uttar Pradesh to arrest Mr Chopra, but found his house locked up. They have been camping there ever since.

In a landmark decision today, the Supreme Court said that no new sedition information reports will be submitted to stir up sedition and all pending cases will be suspended while the government reconsiders the law. The government said the sudden change in the situation came after the intervention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who expressed his clear and frank views in favor of protecting civil liberties, respecting human rights and giving meaning to constitutional freedoms.

Federal Law Minister Keren Riejo, speaking to ANI, said, “The Prime Minister demanded that the provisions of the Sedition Law be reconsidered and reconsidered. He urged the Prime Minister to remove the old law so that sedition becomes a part of it. We will amend the law according to the need of the hour.” We do not believe in misuse of laws or any provisions of the law.

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