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Following Russia’s attack on neighboring Ukraine, the US government on March 1 announced a ban on Russian aircraft from the US airfield following similar transfers by the European Union and Canada.

“I am announcing that we will join our friends in closing US flights to all Russian airlines, further separating Russia and adding to their economic potential,” Biden said in a statement. .

The US Department of Civil Aviation’s issuance orders will take effect at the end of the day on March 2 and will suspend operations of all aircraft owned, certified, operated, registered, leased, leased or operated by, for, or for the benefit of, a person who is a Russian citizen.

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This includes cruise ships and cargo planes, and plans as well as charter flights “effectively shut down US airspace to all Russian airlines and other Russian aircraft,” Department of Transportation said.

At the end of March 1, United Airlines said it had temporarily suspended its takeoff over Russian airspace, joining other US submarines that had stepped in after Russian troops last week sank. Ukraine.

United continue to fly over Russian airspace to operate some flights to and from India in the coming days. Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and United Parcel Service all confirmed this week that they have suspended flights over Russia.

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FedEx on March 1 did not respond to emails asking if it had stopped moving on Russia. United is canceling two flights to India for March 1 and March 2 as it calculates how it can continue to operate through a different route that does not use Russian airspace. White House officials have privately asked whether the move would hurt U.S. supply chains or have other negative effects, sources said.

Russian airlines have been hampered by inefficiency from the US borders for the most part in recent days due to restrictions on the use of Canadian and European airspace. Some foreign governments have privately asked why the United States is not as quick to ban Russian flights as some U.S. lawmakers.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Ukraine carried out a “massacre” in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine, without providing any evidence, saying the attack, dubbed a “major operation” by Russian government officials, was therefore justified. .

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