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Is ‘Kacha Badam’ Singer Bhuban Badyakar the Next Ranu Mondal?

Actors from West Bengal tasted famous because of the internet.

‘Kacha Badam’ Bhuban Badyakar has become a star at night. This brings us to the historical memory of Ranu Mondal from West Bengal who played famously because of the invasive music, but soon forgot.

  • Last Updated:June 25, 2022, 17:03 IS

For the past three months, she has been struggling to make ends meet as a ten-year-old family earning a living from peanut butter. But life does hurt. Last week, a music company gave him a sample of Rs 1.5 lakh as royalty for his melody. He will get 1.5 lakh more rupees from them. From selling peanuts in a remote village in Birbhum to making a living at a nightclub in Kolkata, it was a dream come true. Unwashed peanuts are not new in Bengali life, but they are being sold online as hot cakes. West Bengal Police honor Bhuban Badyakar’s song ‘Kacha Badam’. He has already been invited to the reality show by director Sourav Ganguly. From children to the elderly, everyone is making reels with Bhuvan music. But what next?

Many people say that a restaurant or pub in Kolkata that has seen the first debut of legendary musician like Usha Uthup, has to survive in the race for fame by bringing a vicious video player like Bhuban Badyakar today. On the other hand some people are also seeing the image of ‘class wrestling’ in it. According to them, why should poor actors like Bhuban Badyakar be restricted? Opportunity should be equal for everyone.

Many netizens have said that Bhuban’s position will be similar to Ranu Mandal. Memories of Ranu Mandal are new in everyone’s mind. The hostile video took him to a famous reality show and he reached the heights of celebrity one night. But his fall from fame is faster than that. The bottom line is that everyone in the world has forgotten about Ranu Mandal mental illness. Even the daughter of Ranu Mandal, who after many years jumped to experience her famous mother, has gone far again. Ranu, who used to sit in Ranaghat camp and sing, returned to that poor state again. Will one forget Bhuban as Ranu Mondal? Will Bhuban Badyakar be able to establish himself as a musician? Bhuvan has already said, “I want to be one of you, now that I am here. I want to be an artist. I have become famous now. “

Unfortunately, no one knows what will happen in the future, but for this time Bhuban Badyakar has received Rs 3 lakh from the production house which put a new version of his music on the internet. Bhuvan is a musician and may never sell peanuts again but the famous night has given him a chance to see a new life. But if you still have to go back to your old life, then the big question is whether the vain peanut will follow you or not. So what’s next for Bhuban Badyakar? That is the only question that is on everyone’s mind.

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